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While I don¡¯t see a logical reason why this should be the case, it seems as if the runners are ordered according to the G units you calculated on the x axis of this tilted grid.

To me the big question here is how does all of this relate to efficiency? Isn¡¯t that really what we should all be striving or ¡°striding¡± towards. We will never be as fast as the runners in these videos but if we can find the most efficient form for our own unique bodies, then we will have found the form that lets us run farther and faster with less effort. To me this is far more important than how fast someone can run a 5k or a marathon because their things that our out of our control. Genetics being the biggest one. The trick is being able to find our own unique most efficient form. Maybe Mutai found his maybe not but that is what I will be running towards.

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People walk into my medical office in shoes¡­I don¡¯t put them in them.They do it by choice.What is your definition of a supportive, structured shoe? Is that a mocassin, sandal, mule, clog, boot, pump, or oxford? Is it a Goodyar welt, cemented, stitchdown, direct moded, vulcanized or Littleway? Is the upper made of nylon, leather, vinyl or other materials? How deep is the toe box and how much is the toe spring of the shoe? I could go on and on. Unless you are more specific in describing the thousands of shoe designs currently available, no one will know what you are talking about.

I think the answer would depend on context. More precisely, you can only define a shoe as minimalist, if you have an idea what the purpose of a shoe should be. I¡¯d say that traditionally, the purpose of a running shoe is protection, cushioning and motion control. In the minimalism debate these seem to be the three main things to be minimalist about. I suppose it¡¯s take your pick: none of the above, a bit less of the above, only protection, some cushioning and no motion control, some motion control but no cushioning.

It might be useful to list the heights of each of the runners and also use this to compute the angle on stance to provide a form of normalized view of the stance. Cadence and runner height would also be something interesting to correlate. Presenting the times on stance vs overall stride time as a percentage would also be interesting. Estimated speed of eac Nike Air Max 2013 France Pas Cher
h of the runners at the time of the video would also be a useful factor to list.

The ratio 0.5 * PI (ArialTime / StanceTime + 1) is the interesting part for comparing running gait between runners, it¡¯s also nice non dimensional unit which is ideal for factoring out sizes of runners from the analysis. This ratio represents the maximum G loading that the runners legs will be generating mid stance, there might be more appropriate naming for this ratio, but.. I¡¯m not working from a tex Nike Blazer Pas Cher
t book so please forgive naming¡­ hopefully you¡¯ll get the idea
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