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So, once again (and I¡¯m only repeating this, ad nauseum, because when I make this point it¡¯s often mis-understood), we have to be careful not to confuse being barefoot/minimalist with either a cause (or cure) of a problem unless we have all the details at our disposal.

Given this, my suspicion would be that a shoe with a heel lift and fairly soft and flexible heel counter would be ideal given that the spur is already present.Now, the other question, and the more challenging one to answer, is how the bone spur got there in the first place, and whether it would come back if it were surgically removed. That¡¯s where I¡¯m at a loss right now.

This sounds exactly like what I have. I had pain in my Achilles after switching to Fivefingers so bad that I could not run. I initially went to a chiropractor for Active Release Technic (ART). This helped a little, but not much. I then when to another chiropractor for Graston Technic. This worked miracles. I was back to running after one session. I went to him weekly New Balance 410 cheap sale
for about 2 months, and still go bcd occasionally. I know rest would really help me out a lot, but I don¡¯t plan to rest until I am done with my next marathon in November. The pain is worst first thing in the morning and right at the beginning of runs. One thing that does help is I often wear New Balance Minimus for my long runs. The hill lift is only 4mm, and this really seems to minimize the stress put on the Achilles.

Diagrams showing how I determined heel and forefoot thickness with a Jorgensen bar clamp. I measured the bar length to the right of the clamp arm in the fully closed position (upper picture), and then subtracted the length of the same bar when the clamp was cinched snugly but not too tightly to the shoe (bottom picture; clamp sandwiched the insole, midsole, and outsole).

You mentioned your size ¨C how tall are you and how much do you weigh? You also mentioned your ankle/achilles inflexibility ¨C the degree of motion you noted (7 degrees) is marginal, even for shod running, much less for barefoot. Lots to look at there alone, including whether your lack of mobility is truly gastrocnemius, soleus, or just lack of talocrural mobility ¨C those are things that your PT probably has figured out (both by measurement and by looking at your functional squat ability), but you need to aim for 30 degrees of dorsiflexion , particularly if you¡¯re trying to train using a minimalist approach, along with 1st toe dorsiflexion flexibility. Deficits in these will show up in a video exam of your running form.

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Another option might be one of the Tri shoe with the elasticized heel counter, something like this perhaps: link to .To me, this is a case where you do what works to alleviate the pain ¨C if that¡¯s orthotics or a heel lift, then so be it. If I were in this position that would be my first line of attack before going the surgery route. Again, though, it¡¯s critical to figure out what caused the spur to form, and to know if it migh Nike Air Max Thea sale uk
t continue to grow if you maintain a more conservative approach.
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